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Have you always wanted to add a new First Name?
Ever wondered how to remove your hanyu pinyin name in brackets appearing in your IC?
Confused on how to change your child's name?

What is Deed Poll Online?

DeedPoll (Change of Name) Online is an Online Legal Service by Loh Eben Ong LLP, a Singapore Law Firm and Singapore Lawyers and LAW.com.sg Team. This section is dedicated to providing Change of Name (Deed Poll) Legal Service, and together with our sister website at DeedPoll.sg, we have assisted numerous Singaporeans and Permanent Residents in changing their names in their Identity Cards (NRIC).

By offering poineering Deed Poll Online since 1998, we have created an effective and efficient platform to assist online users to engage a Lawyer to prepare a Deed Poll.

If you wish to engage us, please proceed to Get a Singapore Deed Poll Quote, Submit Deed Poll Online or Submit Deed Poll Offline. All Deed Polls are witnessed by our practising lawyers of Loh Eben Ong LLP, a Singapore Law Firm and Singapore Lawyers.

SG Lawyers Mobile App

Since 2014, with the launched of our SG Lawyers Mobile App for Apple iOS and Google Play, you may submit your Deed Poll Quote and Deed Poll Online via SG Lawyers App. Download Now from the links on the Right Menu.

Deed Poll Videos by LEO TV

Watch our Deed Poll video on 5 Steps to Change your Name. Watch more videos on Singapore Change of Name at Deed Poll Playlist.

Why Change Your Name?

Changing name can be very sentimental and emotional to most people. We all have been given names by our parents, and as we grow older, we may be motivated by many personal reasons as to why we should change or modify our original names. What is your reason(s) for the change of your name. The list below are some of the reasons why people change their names.

  • Are you intending to Change Your Name in your Identity Card (IC) for a long time, and don't know what to do? 

Important Issues on Deed Poll

Minor Change of Name

Change of Name for a Child Below the Age of 21 Years. From 1 June 2007, to effect a change of name of a minor, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) requires one parent to complete a form to declare that the minor’s other parent has also consented to the name change, in addition to producing the Deed Poll. If the other parent is uncontactable or has died, the parent who has signed the Deed Poll must state this information on the Declaration Form accordingly.

Flowchart of Singapore Deed Poll

To a lay person, changing one's name in Singapore can be seen as a complicated process. Through our pioneering Deed Poll Online since 1998, we have simplified this process through our websites at LAW.com.sg and DeedPoll.sg, and through our SG Lawyers Mobile App. We have also launched a suite of Singapore Deed Poll videos.

Below is the flowchart of the Singapore Deed Poll Process.

Archived Deed Poll

Once of the advantages of using Loh Eben Ong for our Deed Poll service is that we archive all our clients' Deed Polls in electronic format, primarily in pdf format. Our Deed Poll Registry has archived many thousands of Deed Polls for the convenience of our clients should they lose their Deed Poll and require a certified true copy by our Lawyer (subject to cost and our terms).

If your Deed Poll was prepared by Loh Eben Ong LLP and witnessed by one of our Lawyers on or after 2005, subject to availability and our terms below, we may be able to issue further certified copy from our archived Deed Polls if you have lost your original Deed Poll.

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